Lately I haven't had time to write much - and even worse, I've started to forget that I actually want to. You see, this new life of mine (the 9 to 5 office humdrum) has been slowly, quietly, sneakily erasing my old habits. But yesterday morning an envelope tumbled through my letterbox containing the latest issue of Counterpoint Magazine; inside it was something I'd written before Christmas, plus a note from the editors giving me a little reminder as to why I love working with small publishers so much. My piece for the Space issue tells the story of a secret pocket in a vintage coat. It's a playful, slightly inquisitive story about the past lives of the objects we cherish. I hope you'll read it.

This issue of Counterpoint Magazine was published in January 2017. You can buy a copy of your own, and look out for their next issue on Survival. 

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