My work has been featured on a number of platforms, both online and in print. If you'd like to read everything I've ever written, including my diary, click here - if not, below are some of my personal highlights.

Publicising the Private: Dressing Room Performances in Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus | FORUM Journal

The Coat | Issue 12, Counterpoint Magazine
Slurp | Issue 4, Severine Literature & Art Journal
Dining with Jessica Fletcher | Issue 11, Counterpoint Magazine
He Painted The Stars | Issue 5, Severine Literature & Art Journal

Bye, bye, Birdman | Issue 10, Counterpoint Magazine
Missing Beats: Marginalised Women of the Beat Generation | The Artifice
Suburbanophilia: Revival of Suburban Stereotypes | The Artifice
Life Stories: Can we handle the truth? | The Artifice

The Bennet Edit | Chew Mag